1. Machineers in the news

    23 Sep. '14

    Lately, thanks to our fantastic new PR manager, Andrea, we have been getting quite a bit of press coverage in Denmark.

    We made it to the cover page of Politiken, and Børsen wrote about us as well. We can only imagine what is going to happen once we have launched. Stay tuned, because that day is just a few short weeks away.


  2. 08 Sep. '14

    xyalea said: Hello! I was thoroughly impressed by your concept and trailer for Machineers. In your Unite 2013 talk you mentioned localizing the game in Nordic languages etc. I wondered if you could also be interested in a Hebrew localization at some point. I am a translator as well as an aspiring Unity developer and would love to make this game accessible to children in my country as well.

    We are getting a lot of requests for localisation and we would love to follow up with all of them and have people play Machineers in as many languages as possible!
    After releasing in English and Danish, first we will translate to German and French, later to a bunch of Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Finnish), Spanish, possibly Chinese. After that we are also open to spread further and include Polish, Czech, Russian and why not Hebrew too. We can’t make promises at this point as our main focus is on development and release of the game itself, but we will try our best to bring the game to as many people as possible.

    Here is a link to the presentation at Unite Nordic 2013

  3. Machineers teaches you programming with or without your consent

    07 Sep. '14

    Check out this fantastic article about Henrike and Machineers on Kill Screen. Thanks for visiting us at PAX!

  4. 26 Aug. '14

    here are some of the best pictures from our showcase at gamescom, enjoy!

  5. Indie MEGABOOTH announces line-up for PAX Prime 2014!

    24 Aug. '14

    … and Machineers will once again be part of this amazing crew.

    This time we will be part of the educational space, booth 43, so come by if you want to check out the game or chat with Henrike, who will be representing the team all by herself.

  6. 21 Aug. '14

    Video review by Pocketgamer

    read the article by James Gilmour

  7. 18 Aug. '14

    brand-new gameplay trailer for gamescom, edited by Mark Bo Jensen, with music by Fredrik Häthén.

  8. Machineers at Gamescom Cologne

    01 Aug. '14

    We are very proud to be part of the Indie MEGABOOTH and get a chance to show Machineers to thousands of gamers at the world’s largest games exhibition. Quite a few other Danish indie studios are there with us like Beta Dwarf, Knapnok Games, and  Bedtime Digital Games.
    We are very excited and can’t wait to show the world all the new puzzles and machines we created for you!


  9. 04 Jul. '14

    In the last week of June we finally moved into our office space at Spilhuset..

  10. 20 Jun. '14

    The making of Hex, the newest character in Machineers first episode

    The making of Hex, the newest character in Machineers first episode

  11. New Demo

    03 Jun. '14

    While the team is working on new puzzles during a company retreat in Karlshamn, Sweden, we made a new demo version for PC and Mac.

    You can download it here.

    If you want access to the full version and own an iPad, you contact us to become one of our Testflight Beta testers.

  12. Lohika at Nordic Game!

    30 May. '14

    It’s been a busy time in the Lohika office as work on Machineers continues. We have 3 new bodies in the office (including me!) and work is underway to finish episode 1 for a release in a few months.

    Last week, we were delighted to attend Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden where we won an award!


    From left to right: Jannek, Riker, Cristi, Astrid and Daryl

    We met up with a lot of developers, attended some fantastic talks and showed off Machineers to as many people as we could.

    In other news, we’re launching a brand new demo on the website soon! Check back here for updates.



  13. Two Year Blog Anniversary

    07 Mar. '14

    Oh gosh, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email this morning, letting me know that this blog turns two years old today. It has been such a long time and we have come such a long way.

    With a lot of delay from our original schedule we have finally been able to finish the collaboration with the Danish Film Institute, which means we have developed two complete episodes, fixed most of the usability issues and have a fantastic game on our hands that can’t wait to be released. But that will have to wait a bit.

    We have some really good news that we are excited to share with you in a couple of days when we’re allowed to make it official. What we can tell you is that we are ready to start working on episode 3 in a few weeks and that a couple of new, talented and excited individuals will be joining our team very soon.

    Stay tuned for more news and enjoy this fancy banner while you’re waiting!



  14. Machineers at DADIU Greenhouse

    03 Feb. '14

    Click on the link above to read the article (only available in Danish) from gameplay magazine

  15. Play Machineers at Kulturnatten!

    07 Oct. '13

    Machineers will be showcased at the IT University Copenhagen this Friday, the 11th of October, from 6pm - 11pm!
    Come by and check out the all new content of episode 2!