Developer: Lohika ApS. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding Date: January 1, 2013

Website: machineers.com

Release date: 09.10.2014

PR contact: [email protected]

Business contact: [email protected]

Address: Pilestraede 43, 1112 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 50 33 90 34

Download the presskit (ZIP-file, 264 MB)

Machineers is a construction puzzle game with quirky robots and wonderful machines. It is your job to repair broken objects and build your own mechanical inventions using gears, belts, cables and plenty of other tools.

Help out the town folks by repairing their machines, such as the DJ machine, a coin-operated crane, and a mechanical arcade machine. Get ready for your next challenge: build yourself a vehicle and drive it to River City!

Machineers will be released episodically. Five episodes, or “cities,” are planned, each city containing 12 puzzles. Every episode will teach the player to build a specific vehicle. Episode one is all about cars. From there, boats, hot air balloons, rocket ships, finally a teleporter.

Gameplay Trailer

Machineers was created as a design experiment for a Master thesis project at the IT University Copenhagen. The purpose was to determine optimal design principles for creating educational games that appeal to children and educate beyond classic drill-and-practice: by experiential learning.

With a strong background in computer science and game design, the team behind the game focused their vision on how learning programming can provide a unique skill set, necessary for virtually all future professions. The learning content was stripped of all distracting baggage and merged into interesting and engaging game mechanics.

After launching the demo in June 2012, the game was invited to be showcased at a number of conferences, e.g.: Future and Reality of Games in Vienna ‘12, Learning Games Expo at Viborg Animation Festival ‘12, I/ITSEC in Orlando ’12, and ACM SIGCHI Paris, 2013.

A grant from the Danish Film Institute made it possible to turn this small team into a company with three additional collaborators and to produce a first vertical slice of the game by fall 2013.

With this vertical slice, we were able to convince CAPNOVA to support our project with their investment and expertise. Since April 2014, we are working from an actual office at the infamous Spilhuset and could employ a full-time team of 7 talented individuals from all over the world.

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All screenshots are available in 2048×1536 and 1920×1080, with and without text and characters in the presskit.